E- Design Services

Our E-design services are completely remote. Our firm is located in New York, and E-design is amazingly efficient way to bring our gorgeous designs and furniture selection to clients worldwide. Our Process is broken down in four easy steps. 

1. We like to get to know you, your design esthetic and your overall desire for the rooms you want to design.

2. We provide some mood boards and get your feedback on our design direction.

3. We do the layout of your space with 2D and 3D rendering with the dimensions of your room and approximate sizing of furniture and the layout of all the intended furnishings.

4. We then provide a photoshop layout of all the actual items we propose for the space. All items are curated exclusively from the Coveted Interiors Marketplace. These are items from global brands but under our label online. They will ship directly from the merchant to your address.