8 Phases to your New Dream Space

  1. Fill out online quiz and then schedule our 15 minute phone call and send in any room inspiration. 
  2. 15 minute complimentary discovery call- we will determine timeline, confirm spaces that need design and overall project feel. Client will send in pictures of the space. 
  3. 45 min Virtual consultation- we will see your space in real time and take notes on your vision.
  4. In home visit- Show completed mood boards, and samples. Measurements will be taken and we will provide a rough budget estimate and timeline.
  5. Design Proposal- 3D mock up of the project, complete with furniture, accessories and appliances. Layout and plans sent to contractor.
  6. We order receive all furniture and verify its correct then store safety until install day.
  7. Project construction and Installation.
  8. Reveal day!


Can't wait to start on your next interior design project? We can't either. Let's get started! Schedule your complementary 15 minute design discovery call and fill out our brief future client questionnaire by clicking the link here!