8 Steps to your New Dream Space

  • To start- fill out online quiz and then schedule your 15 minute design consultation phone call. Send in any Pins or room inspiration. 

  • 15 minute Design Consultation Call- We will go over pictures of your space and take initial notes on budget and the scope of work. 

  • 45 min Virtual Consultation- We will set up a zoom call to see your space in real time and take more detailed notes on your vision. We will also show you a proposed budget and breakdown our design fees. 

  • In home visit- We will talk more about your project and what you show expect during the process. We will take before pictures, show samples for each space and detailed measurements will be taken.

  • Design Proposal- We will show you a 3D rendering for each space in the project. Upon your approval we will send architectural layout and construction/ design plans sent to your contractor.

  • Procurement- We begin the process of selecting all of the all furniture and furnishings for your project. We create a unique online link where you can access  the suggested items for your project and can easily approve or decline items. Once items are approved and paid for the orders can be submitted. We then verify and store safety until designated project timeline for each item.

  • Project Management- We oversee construction and liaise between you and your contractor to ensure the construction details are being carried out to your wishes. 

  • Reveal day! We stage the entire home with all the new items (and current items if you are moving) and reveal your brand new Coveted Interiors!


Can't wait to start on your next interior design project? We can't either. Let's get started! Schedule your complementary 15 minute design discovery call and fill out our brief future client questionnaire by clicking the link here!